Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mad, Sad, and Embarassed

I thought watching victims of tear gas from around the world help Americans being tear gassed for protesting was the most embarrassed I could be to be American. But no, it turns out watching American victims of prior mass shootings support students in a building on lockdown expressing their fear as they listened to sprays of bullets was it. My tolerance for how embarrassing my country can be has reached new highs (or lows) of late. But here we are. 17 people dead in a school where they had been doing shooter drills so long, even the shooter knew what the process was. This is unacceptable. I'll be donating monies to groups that stop this. My non-voting rep knows how I feel. My city council has put in place decent laws (the ones that weren't struck down that is) but of course Virginia is right next door. 
To the students and faculty of this school and others. I am sorry we failed you. You deserve better from us.