Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

...but it may not be the ones you want. 
So, different people find different things funny.  And certainly, some people choose to push the envelope and shock people into funny.  Or shock them into remembering their name.  It's a plan.  And some people believe the adage about all publicity.  But sometimes you can do something that people find overwhelming in it's poor taste.  And you might still be hung up on your original vision.  It still seems funny or edgy to you. And now let me rip off the Kubler-Ross stages of grief to demonstrate. 
Setup:  You have an ad series for your hair salon.  The tag line is "Look good in all you do."  In one, someone appears to be disposing of a body.  One is serving tea.  One is working in a rail yard.  (With bra exposed which would seem to violate some employment and safety regulations, but that is not really the point here.)
And then there's the one that has everyone talking. There are two people who let's all agree have styled hair.  One, a female is seated on a couch.  One a male, is behind the couch offering jewelry.  Oh, and the woman has a black eye.
1. Denial  - What?  It's funny.  We're not actually advocating for domestic violence.
2. Anger - It's art!  I don't know why people are so sensitive.
3. Bargaining - Come on - real people are being harmed every day, shouldn't these people channel their worry into real issues?
4. Depression - Nobody understands satire anymore.  The media is full of hypocrites.
5. Acceptance - I guess people have the right to their opinions.  (Yes, this is not the greatest example of acceptance. It's a process.)

h/t to the NPR Monkey See Blog for the link.