Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Cow Heroine

It's always sort of fascinating the stories that capture the attention of people.  Certainly, if I told you that there were stories and internet buzz about a cow, that tourists were visiting the hometown of a cow, well it sounds strange.  But, as this article kindly points out, this is not just any cow story.  Yvonne (it somehow seems very forward to just start calling her Yvonne, but, well, she is a cow) was on a farm in Bavaria.  She was due to be sent to the slaughterhouse.  Yvonne jumped the electric fence and made her way into the woods.  And then...well, Yvonne became a bit like Elvis or the Abominable Snowman in that there were sightings, but nothing further.  Hunters and dogs searched to no avail.  Companion cows were sent out to lure her out.  (Perhaps instead they mooed to stay away.  Who knows? Also, how did they know the companion cows wouldn't also decide they like gallivanting through the woods?)  Then they sent out a handsome ox.  (My familiarity with cows is not such that I can explain why a handsome ox would lure a cow, but apparently that's the thought.) Animal psychics were called in. 
In the wake of the international attention Yvonne's escape received a sanctuary paid the farm for Yvonne, promising to save her from slaughter. Rewards were offered.  This went on for months.  (Seriously, the cow escaped in May.)
Well, last week, life as a forest cow appeared to pale a bit for Yvonne, and she was found hovering near the edge of the pasture. She will now live out her days with her son and sister.