Thursday, September 15, 2011

Milestones of Dubious Meaning

I now have over 1000 books logged in LibraryThing.  Now, I log books as I receive them, in an attempt to prevent re-buying something I already own.  (It has helped.  When I remember to look.)  So, some of these books I have not yet read.  I log books that I borrowed from friends or later gave away too.  (Tags are a beautiful thing.) So, I did not buy all of these books.  I have been a member for almost five years, and while I briefly thought about trying to go back in time to somehow capture every book I ever read, the volume of that project quickly had me stop.  I can tell you that only 17 are tagged as my having completely given up on them. There are 22 that I have started and put aside.  19 duplicates (either due to my own folly, or due to being gifted a book I already had.) There are, ahem, 195 waiting to be read (this includes the 22 started).  And the rest, I have read. (Some more than once.)