Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Books and Things

So, I started off banned book week by going to the National Book Festival.  I saw quite a few authors, and if you to want to feel like you were there, keep an eye out here, they upload videos and podcasts.  It's always fascinating to me to hear different authors talk about their process especially since they are always so different.  Also, some of them are very funny in person, and some would rather read and turn it over to Q&A really quickly.  (Although Dave Eggers wanted to crawl under the podium when he read a line about masturbation.) 
But, to bring us back to banned books, there were several authors there who have books or stories that have been banned or challenged, including Sherman Alexie (who made the ALA's top ten last year), Eric Jerome Dickey, Katherine Paterson, Sarah Dessen and Laura Lippman. 
And I see that Hunger Games made the list because it gave a child nightmares.  As I say all the time, I'm not diminishing nightmares (they suck) or any parent's right to decide their child is not ready for a certain book.  However, that does not mean that no child who uses that library should have access to that book.