Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics, You May Have Heard, Are on

I am an equal opportunity Olympics-er. I love summer (swimming, gymnastics, diving, etc) and winter (hockey, figure skating, bobsledding, etc) so it sort of amazes me that people think winter olympics are less interesting. Sports - on ice (or snow) - how is this not a perfect combination. (Okay, I confess the allure of curling escapes me.) In fact, my winter sports more closely align with my regular viewing. Although I actually prefer (ever so slightly) Olympic hockey, because of the rules. (Except for the unfair rules about women not being allowed to check.) And the bigger rink helps too. (I still think hockey would be just a smidge better if it had a bigger goal. Only a smidge though.)
I am ravelympicing also. I cast on Friday for a Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard. It's going well.
Oh, and Canada, now that your little winter in Canada gold drought thingy is over, well, um, go USA!