Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dear Weather

Dear Weather
Shortly after I started working with the youth group they went on a ski trip. One of the first stories I ever heard about youth group trips involved a ski trip. The group was staying in a cabin not officially affiliated with the ski resort, but within an easy drive.  All was well until they woke up the morning they were to leave to discover that they had received several feet of snow.  They were able to dig out the cars, but didn't have the equipment necessary to take care of the driveway.  One adult ended up flagging down a neighbor with a small plow.  And of course, since it was the day they planned to leave, they had food only enough for breakfast and twenty some teens.
So, here's the deal. I love snow.  But next week, I am travelling with twenty some teens and assorted adults to West Virginia for the weekend.  Now, we are staying in a place that has their own snow removal equipment.  So, snow away, but, please, I would like to be able to get home (particularly since I have to cross a big river, so if we can try and keep that safe by Monday). I love these trips with the youth.  But I also love getting home afterwords.  Thanks!
-Youth Advisor

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