Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Olympics are On

...So I can't talk. The powers that be are forcing me to tape five hour blocks to scan through and find the sports I want. Intriguingly the Russia vs. Slovakia men's hockey game was aired on broadcast, while USA vs. Canada men's hockey was aired on cable. Broadcast did switch to the game for five minutes, which, by my unofficial count was 30 seconds of play, three minutes of watching players congratulate each other and two minutes of post game commentary, which amounted to this was an awesome game you missed. (This may be why the Monkey See headline was NBC's Coverage manages to Annoy Absolutely Everyone.)
Also, I'm on the sleeves of my sweater, but I hate sleeves. And I forgot to, you know, read the pattern, so have to rip back part of the first sleeve.
And I have work. And the youth group retreat was last weekend so I am tired. And I have a busy week. But man, the hockey is looking great. For those of us who can see it. (I will say that the hockey has mostly been covered in long uninterrupted stretches. Just on cable. Perhaps since being a regular hockey fan pretty much requires cable these days...)