Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February Check In

I have made a good start on my list and also discovered some more titles, so the list has shifted some.
First up, I read Breathing by Cheryl Rene Herbsman. I first heard about it over at YA Edge. It is the story of Savannah, a bookish girl with asthma in a Coastal Carolina town. It takes place over the summer as she meets Jackson, and attractive boy visiting for the summer. Because it takes place in a rural area, there is a different speech pattern in place (the link has an excerpt). I didn't find it distracting and, of course, as someone who has a milder case of asthma than Savannah, I really enjoyed the story and that, as the author says, the asthma was a part of the character without being the main thrust of the story.
I also read Ninth Key by Meg Cabot, the second in the Mediator series and found it a really enjoyable read. Susannah is a Mediator, a person who has the ability to assist ghosts in crossing over. Sometimes, the ghosts are a little challenging, although in this story the issue is a ghost getting Suze involved in some real live drama as she tries to deliver a message from a ghost.
So, two down, eight to go!