Friday, May 08, 2009

Yes, We'll Get Right on That

One of my guilty pleasures, is the current Saturday morning reruns of "Property Ladder" - tales of first time house flippers with grand plans and often no budget. On one episode the featured flipper had given the kitchen cabinets to a "friend" for repainting. Weeks later, the cabinets had not been returned and neither were the flipper's calls to the alleged painter. She went to the police, only to have them explain to her that they did not handle what is essentially a contractual matter.
This isn't even the kind of the 311 is supposed to help with, instead her option was to sue, should she so desire.
And then we have this person. He contacted the police to report that the person he had paid to purchase drugs for him had failed to return with said drugs. In his case, I don't believe the police suggest a lawsuit.

Hat tip to ALOTT5A for the link.