Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gimme Movies

I read that HBO has pulled out of DC's Screen on the Green leaving the annual event up in the air at this point. While I understand that this is a time when many companies are having to prioritize, it was still such a fun event. How often done picnic on the National Mall and get a free movie too. (Yes, I realize the mall is in fact always there, and available for the picnicking. But the free movie helped.)
Now of course there are still free movies to be had - off the top of my head there's Crystal City, Rosslyn and Strathmore, and there's other summer events on the mall. But I hope someone steps in to resurrect Screen on the Green. It was fun.
ETA: Other people have done a better job outlining the other see a movie outside options.
ETAA: It's been saved!