Monday, May 04, 2009

Sheep, Wool and Buttons

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival came and went this weekend. I was, ahem, very restrained. I just bought this one bag of yarn. See. Not much in there. Just some Brooks Farm, Tilli Tomas, Unique Sheep, and some buttons.
I arrived just about in time to hit the Ravelry meetup where I managed to run into almost everyone I knew there that day, pretty cool how that worked. We also successfully forced ourselves on Ysolda Teague who was wearing no less than three of her own patterns (Coraline, Ishbel scarf and Ishbel beret if you must know).
So then, I grabbed some ribbon chips before starting the shopping. I discovered that juggling, a purse, a bag, an umbrella and some ribbon chips - particularly ribbon chips dressed with 'cheese', sour cream, chives and bacon bits, is harder than it might seem. I managed to get cheese on my fingers (expected), my jacket, and on the inside of my umbrella. Fortunately the rain had dampened the napkins so that cleaning was easier.
After being very restrained through the first batch of booths and barns, I encountered Feederbrook Farm who had lovely handspun that even comes tagged with the sheep's name and personality.
Then, I fell in love with a shawl set with Unique Sheep yarn. I found some well priced Tilli Tomas yarn. And then I might have gone a smidge nuts (yarn fumes!) in the Brooks Farm booth.
Oh, and I found these adorable buttons.
See - not much at all.
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