Friday, May 15, 2009

Paging Gene Weingarten

A few years ago, Gene Weingarten set up a little experiment to see if DC commuters would stop and listen (an possibly contribute) to a young man playing violin during the morning commute in a metro station. The twist, the violinist was renowned Joshua Bell. The answer - not many.
Now, I think there are a lot of reasons for this, not the least being that a lot of people have jobs where they really need to be at their desk by a specific time regardless of a free concert going on. But certainly there are other factors. (Check the link for a review of those as well as video.)
However, I have to say on the list of things that I thought I would never see, I think that certainly a dance mix of "Sound of Music", line dancing to "Do Re Mi" and well this here would all be up there. So, my question is, would this* make DC commuters stop? I would have to think so.

Hat tip to Crazy Aunt Purl for the link.
*Apparently this is a promotion for a TV show where they are looking for the next star for "Sound of Music", so I have to add, if you want intriguing promotion, this might be the way to go.