Monday, May 25, 2009

This or That?

A raveler had alerted me to the cake vs. biscuit* discussion that had occurred in Britain regarding the Jaffa Cake. (Answer, yummy, and also a cake.) Well now, apparently the debate is on as to whether a Pringle is a crisp** or a snack. Yes, I see no reason it couldn't be both. At issue here is the Value Added Tax (VAT) that is levied on different classes of food items, and crisps and other potato snacks are charged at a higher rate than some other snacks. (And lest you write this off as strange British-ness, I will point you to the is a burrito a sandwich debate.)
To me the strangest part of the Pringles debate (although, yes certainly money is the leading factor here) is that Pringles is stating that they are not a crisp or potato snack. Why? Because less than half of it is potato. (You read that right.)

*Biscuit, of course, under the British usage, where a biscuit is a cookie rather than a dinner roll.
**Crisp, again, in the British usage, being what Americans refer to as a chip.