Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Soda Adventures, Part 2

So, when last we saw our heroine, I mean, me, I was standing face pressed against the glass of the soda machine that held the Dr. Pepper I craved and yet was stuck on some kind of error.
Okay, not quite, initially I huffed away. The next day, same error. Later that day, I decided, it was a computer, it just needed to be rebooted. So, I pressed cancel, return change, and a bunch of other buttons. The machine was unmoved. And then, it occurred to me to actually pay attention to the kind of error. The error was "Retrieve Soda". So, I decided, someone had not made it all the way through their transaction. So, I tried making a selection. And then I tried opening the fancy compartment the soda gets placed in. No soda. But there was a ticket. Someone airplane stub to be exact. I have no idea how that ended up in there, unless it fluttered out of someone's wallet. I took the stub out and do you know what?
It worked! The error disappeared, and it let me buy my soda. Now, of course my problem is that I keep buying soda. But that sounds like a 2009 kind of problem.