Monday, December 15, 2008

The Soda Adventures, Part 1

Once upon a time, I was a soda addict. Dr. Pepper to be exact. They sold it in the soda machine at high school and I used to get one every day. One of my friends from high school and I bonded over getting our daily Dr. Pepper (DDP). I used to keep 2 liter bottles in my room (away from others who might wish to drink them) and take slugs directly from the bottle - even warm.
When I was in Scotland, I gave up soda for Lent* one year, and had to make an exception when I discovered a place that carried Dr. Pepper.
I discovered, once I had my own fridge, that I could not safely keep it in the house, because I would choose Dr. Pepper over all other choices, so forcing myself to leave to go get it was an attempt at control.
And then the building I worked in took it out of the soda machine. And I started thinking that maybe I focused a little too much energy on soda - acquisition and consumption. And that I should focus on other drinks - that while sugary possibly contained some nutritional value. So, I started weaning myself off.
And all was well. Until I went to Salt Lake City this past winter. It's not their fault they're a couple time zones behind. But I turned to the soda to assist with the jetlag.
And like the siren call, it all came back to me. So I gave it up for Lent again this year. And yet, it still calls to me.
So, it is quite rude that the machines in my building have been out of Dr. Pepper. Sold out. For almost a week. And worse, one machine, the glass fronted kind, has been restocked but is broken. So I can see the pretty sodas, hear them calling, but I cannot get them out. Don't these people understand? This is not the time of year to be playing with me like this!

*I know, but I like Lent. So I have appropriated it for myself.