Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Books and More Books

There's all sorts of booky goodness afoot.
Book Binge mentioned the Buy Books For the Holidays Campaign which has a bunch of suggestions for great gifts.
I have long been a big book giver for various occasions, in part because I like books, and also because they are easy to wrap.
Also, if you are feeling especially kind, libraries often have online wishlists at places like Amazon, so you could donate one. (You can even do it on behalf of someone you are struggling to find the right gift for. Just saying.)
Alison Kent is giving away quite a few things over on her blog. Actually, never mind, I want those.
Super Librarian talks about the increase in borrowing in her district, suggesting that while people still love a good story, they are spending a little less of their pennies that way.
And Smart Bitches, among others, have contributed to the various ebay auctions to support author Jo Leigh, who has some hefty bills in the wake of her husband's death. The auctions include books, ARCs, manuscript reads and the chance to name a character in a future book, so quite a range.