Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arm Warmers

I tend to go on little project kicks in Winter, which is weird because I tend to decide to knit sweaters in summer, but whatever, it's a hobby and it's supposed to make me happy. And I am working on a sweater, but I have hit the dreaded sleeves.
So, I cast on for what - in retrospect, are much like sleeves. (Yes, I see the irony.)
The yarn is Woolarina, a merino with some silk and cashmere thrown in, that I picked up at the Crafty Bastards fair.
The pattern is the Arrowhead Arm Warmers from Interweave Holiday 2008 issue. If I made them again, I would probably throw in a thumb-hole, but they are lovely as is.
Since I was using a slightly chunkier yarn - I knit it on fours, I cut off some of the space that is supposed to occur at the top, but otherwise left the pattern pretty much as is.
Arm Warmers