Monday, December 22, 2008

Legally Blonde

I love the movie "Legally Blonde". It's one of those things that I watch anytime it's one TV. So, I was intrigued when I heard they were making it into a musical. I watched when MTV aired (a truncated version, but still excellent) of the musical. And I watched the MTV reality show as they searched for a new leading lady. (I am actually a little bitter about how it ended, so we'll move on.) So, when I heard the touring company was headed to DC, you can imagine my excitement.
Tickets went on sale while I was on jury duty, with limited internet access, but fortunately tickets did not immediately sell out. (In fact, for locals, I believe there are still some available.)
My friend and I went last night and it was amazing. The cast was fabulous. And two finalists from the reality show are now part of the touring cast, so it was great to see them. (Rhiannon and Lauren, for my fellow reality junkies.)
And as with everything, it's so much cooler when you're there, rather than watching it on TV.
And, while I feel that the songs grow on you - improve each time you listen - as all good musical numbers should. The one that always cracks me up, remains "There, Right There!", which you can see here.