Monday, June 16, 2008


So, I've been thinking about writing. In part because I've been working on my Nano piece, getting it together, entering it in contests, trying to have something cohesive, having set the somewhat arbitrary deadline of RWA for myself. And I had come to the conclusion, that in some ways, it must be like raising kids. How could you ever feel you were finished I mean, I'm sure there are days where you are ready to hand off the task to others, but as a parent, it seems likely that you always can think of other things you wish you had more time to do.
Actors often talk about being unable to watch their own performances, and while certainly many of us non-actors have trouble looking at photos or videos of ourselves, it seems that part of that might also be the actor's inability to see past the things that could have been done differently.
So, writing is like that. And now I have set pieces out there for people to look at. I have in fact requested that people tell me what they think. And it's scary. And part of me wants to snatch it all back and tweak it some more or rewrite it or make it better or just pet it all by myself. Oh well, it's out there now.