Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So That's Why All the Crime

Now, I recognize that taking one little statement out of context, can be mean. Or misleading. But, heck the staff of "The Daily Show" have made a fine living at it. And, really, as much as I try to be open and imagine other surrounding words - nope, still not working for me.
So, I had this entry I was cogitating on about the whole having things on the sidewalk along Connecticut Avenue issue. I was torn. After all if you are supposed to have a permit, then you're supposed to have a permit. But, on the flip side I'm not sure why Comet needs a permit to have a ping pong table in front of their business. Or why their neighbors need a permit for tables or a bench. Perhaps I am naive in the ways of government, but this seems like the nitpicky thing that makes people hate bureaucracy. Especially if some of those things had been there for a decade.
I recognize that time does not negate the need to follow the rules (except for statute of limitations stuff, but that's for another day.) But again, I ask why we have this rule? Is it because some benches or tables somewhere else are a problem. Is it so I don't try to stick a crazy bench outside my window. Does the permit then result in any sort of inspection or evaluation of the space? Or is it just a way to collect money? Because, look, I know the city needs money. But pissing off local businesses (and their customers) doesn't seem to be the way to get it.
Yes, well, it turns out the reason we need to regulate such things, is to prevent this section of Connecticut Avenue from all the rapes and murders. Color me still confused.