Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not Enough Hype

In the interest of full disclosure, I will start by mentioning that a friend of mine is a teacher at Patterson High School. So, I get it that business are, well, in business. I get it that you only get to keep having a business if you make money. I get it that advertising is a way to do that and that charitable things are often, in essence free advertising. There's a reason that stadium rights go for so much money.
However, sometimes things get lost. So, a local car dealer promised a scholarship for four students who would be attending Baltimore City Community College. As part of this they wanted to invite media to the graduation (one imagines to interview the lucky recipients) and hang a banner at the ceremony and such.
And then, an instructor at the school collapsed in the parking lot and later passed away. The school decided the graduation ceremony would also become a de facto memorial service, so should take a more somber tone, and nixed press or banners. So, the car dealership backed out and refused to give the money for the scholarships. They are, apparently going to give the money to Community College of Baltimore County.
But there is a happy ending. Several staff members at Patterson got together with other local businesses and staff and alumni and got the money for the students.