Monday, June 23, 2008

Stitch and Pitch DC

So, I dragged a knitting challenged friend of mine with me to Stitch and Pitch. In my defense, she was fine with being surrounded by yarny folk, and, like me, she had not yet been to a Nationals game. After a pitiful comedy of errors involving me being exceedingly late (and sadly my friend is a Luddite when it comes to cell phones) because I had forgotten to print out the tickets only to go back to my apartment and realize I had no clue where the email was (fortunately they were able to resend it to me quite quickly) we did find each other and get into the stadium before the game started. (Barely.)
First, the food at the stadium, while pricey (something my stint as a hockey ticket holder has inured me to), was good. Hard Times chili was the direction we went, but in addition to the normal stadium fare, there were other local options. We found our seats where it turns out we were right next to two people who bought their tickets unaware they would be surrounded by yarnies. They wondered if we all knew each other from some sort of group - a feeling that was enhanced when it turned out just a row below me was a part-time staffer at one of the LYS's who recognized me due to my frequent patronage. And I saw someone from knitting group. (Ironically the two people I knew were going to be there, I did not see. Ah well.)
I brought the Elinor Tunic (more on that another day) to work on. I did end up with a bag, despite my lack of effort in obtaining one. And I scored a ball of Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton in Aquamarine, along with some, er, interesting needlepoint patterns and a hat pattern. All in a nice Nationals Stitch and Pitch bag.
I knit through most of the innings, despite the fact that our seats were right underneath the lights, which attracted a lot of moths. Many moths died for their interest, and we were underneath that particular funereal path.
We noticed people leaving around the seventh inning stretch. (It was a highly defensive game.) When the ninth inning ended in a tie, my friend and I decided we would hold out until at least the thirteenth inning or midnight. We originally meant whichever came first, but somehow we decided to see the fourteenth inning through. Just as well, since that was the winner for the Nats. All in all, a good night.