Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too Girly

Let's start with the disclaimer. I, of course, respect everyone's right to wish for things that are different. I even respect that have different options makes this world a better place. However, apparently people, mostly female people, are complaining that the iphone (and one imagines, the ipod touch) is hard to use if one has fingernails. Let me explain, unlike most touch screens that one encounters, the iphone responds to the charge in your finger rather than the pressure on the screen. So, if you poke the screen with just your fingernail, nothing happens. Now, certainly if you are accustomed to other touch screens, this is an adjustment. Especially, since, fair or not, there is the illusion of more specific pointing when you use your nail, instead of your finger. However, as a relatively new owner of an ipod touch (I caved), I can tell you that it works really well touching it with the pad of your finger. (Now, I do disagree with the Popgadget suggestion if just trimming your nails, I don't think gadgets should require different grooming habits>) Now I have nails. Long enough that people often ask me if I can type. I'm not sure what kind of job they think I have, but anyhoo, I can type. And play piano. And dial telephones. And use touchscreens. And sure, in some of these things my nails touch the keys or buttons. But it is not a terribly difficult adjustment to understand that for the ipod touch or the iphone, the nail tap doesn't work. So, work it out.