Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Stash Club

I was toying with joining a certain sock club this year but was stuck on the fact that while the idea of a pretty skein of yarn and a pattern showing up once a month in my mailbox was endlessly appealing, I don't knit socks. Sure I knit things with sock yarn. I'm working on something now, in fact. And I could use the sock patterns for fingerless gloves or hats or other things. But for the cost - did it make sense? So, I decided to err on the side of financial caution.
And then I got an email from Stitch DC - they were starting a Stash Club*. See, sometimes financial caution has its rewards! (And for those of you suggesting the reward should be saving money, yeah, well, that's one approach.)
The idea behind the Stitch DC Stash Club is to focus on yarns from smaller producers that Stitch DC normally wouldn't carry due to limited ordering. For 2008 I get a skein and a pattern each month. There's also a Ravelry group and plans for gatherings (for those of us who are local) to chat and possibly even trade yarn.
So, I got my first packet in the mail last week.
Stash Club
Two skeins of Tilli Thomas in navy, one of Aspen (merino) and one of Mogul (beaded merino. The pattern is for ruffled finger-less gloves, which look great although I think I may use the yarn for a scarf - a beaded scarf really appeals to me right now.
We shall see, right now I just love looking at the yarn.
*The Stash Club filled up quickly, I was lucky to get in. However, it was open to anyone on the Stitch DC email list, and I'm guessing it will open up again next year. So, my sharing is not meant entirely as bragging.