Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hats (Okay Just One)

So, several of us were sent to the land of cold and snow for work training. (Really it's very pretty here, I'm not complaining even though it is a long time to be living out of a suitcase).
So, I offered to make hats. I did it person by person. I sent specific choices (about five.) So far I made three. The first and third were Coronet. (I have given all to their rightful owners, I forgot to snap pictures but will try to get in action shots.)
The first Coronet I made with Cascade Quattro, and in trying to adjust for my big head compare to other's normal heads, i made it a bit short, so I will likely get it back for adjustments.
(The second hat was asymmetric cables again, same yarn - just in green.)
The second Coronet (third overall for those of you counting along) was made with Patagonia Cotton. I had brought with me a pink and a blue/purple but was soooo sure I had enough pink. Hee. I forgot that the yardage on Cascade Quattro has way more yarns per skein. So, it became clear that I was in denial. So, I pulled the blue/purple into play and went back and added some on the bottom so it didn't just look like the top didn't match or something.