Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Different Hat

I had a skein of the Fibre Company Terra yarn (yes, I am addicted) in Sorrel and it didn't quite match the other colors I had snapped up so I decided it was going to become a hat. Some searching on Ravelry led me to the Amanda Hat and I was sold. (Or not, since the pattern is free.)
Amanda Hat
Since I was using one skein, which in this case was 100 yards and since I have a big head I made some minor alterations. I added a few stitches at the beginning, and compensated by shrinking the overall height of the hat doing a little less pattern stitch and fewer garter stitch rows before decreasing. The end result is lovely. It is a great pattern that was a fairly quick knit - a rice krispies treat of knits if you will - looking like you slaved for hours and yet - not so much. (I mean yes it was a few hours, but we're talking a knit scale of time here.)
If you follow the link, there is actually a designer sponsored KAL and contest going on now.