Monday, September 24, 2007

The SKINny

Note: Contains reference to a racist sports team name.

I am a bit sad over the Redskins loss. The first home game, I was traveling back from Maryland's Eastern Shore, so listened on the radio. This means that I missed the awful new light uniforms. Look, I understand wanting to integrate more color into the light uniform - I'm sure the Skins laundry service in particular is grateful. Yellow is a very nice color, but there are many many shades of it, and many many ways we could could have added yellow without making the Skins look as is they had been caught in a mustard storm of some sort.
I don't care if they are retro, that doesn't make it any less ugly. Also, just because 75 years ago someone thought this looked good, doesn't make them any more correct.
For much of the game I had better things to pay attention to, but then there was the second half. I know 2-1 certainly isn't the end of the world, but being undefeated was such a nice thing while it lasted.