Thursday, September 13, 2007

Look, Knitting!

I have fallen prey to the easy charms of the Hemlock Ring Blanket. (In between working on some stuff I can't talk about and some stuff that I can, but since my progress is not visible from the last time, we'll save that.)
Knitting from the inside out like this makes the progress very visible and while I know charts give you a better visual clue to where you are going, I like instructions better I can read them faster, even if I sometimes a read the wrong row. YMMV.
Anyhoo, I used some Elann Sonata I had lying around since I have large amounts, which means I can go until I want to stop, or until the idea of casting off that many stitches makes me ill. I do like the way it looks with nubbier yarn, so may try this again with something else later but that's putting the knitting ahead of the other knitting. (Do you see why I need so many needles?).
Ring Blanket
(Pay no attention to the little frayed bit, I haven't woven that in yet.)