Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Resistance May Be Futile

I know that the idea behind the interchangeable needle kits is that you should never have to buy more needles. Except, they only come with a few cords. And should you, you know, be a victim of starteritis, that might not work for you. So, instead of futzing around buying more cords, you might, just, you know, buy another set. And then, they might come up with a pink kit, and donate part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. And who doesn't want to support breast cancer research? And you may have bought that, promising that of course you would sell or donate one of your other kits because really, three kits, plus various and sundry lone needles, is a bit nutty. Except that all the pieces from the kits (or most of them) seem to be in use somewhere. But as soon as they turn up, you'll do something.
So, you have resisted tales of the other interchangeable needles, because they are metal, and metal hurts your hands, so it's not tempting. Even if that other set has fours - because really, you knit so rarely in fours. (Well, there was a teddy bear, and the mystery stole, but really rare in the grand scheme of things.)
But then an evil person* blogs that they are now offering the set with wooden needles. And you peak.
And they are so pretty - it's not just wood, it's multi-colored, laminated birch. So, if I you bought it - it would be like research. Birch knitting research. Right?

*Kisses, Melanie!
Updated to add: I have officially caved.