Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not That Old

Somewhere around twenty four it seems, the signs started. Things that indicated I was old. Not decrepit or ancient, but not so young either. After you pass twenty one and possibly twenty five - the age of car rentals and car insurance discounts - most of the age marks seem to be about being old. Um, yay?
But really, the twenties were fun, but I happily moved on from them, because thirty was wise and mature but not old, right? But then there was the fifteen year high school reunion, making me a whole high schooler worth of time away from high school, and the ten year college reunion and then they started having special re-releases of movies from my teen years, like "Dirty Dancing". How is "Dirty Dancing" twenty years old? How am I old enough that people my age have somehow found time to make millions, get married, have kids, get divorced, and/or travel the world? Huh? And it doesn't help that by UU sub-divisions I age out of young adult-hood in a little over a year. But I'm still feel young. Really. (And I do know that all of these things are arbitrary and in many ways meaningless, but, still.)
And now the freaking American Girls are in on it. Apparently the latest doll is from the historic 1970's. (I heard about this here.)
The 1970's are in the past, and okay, it's apparently far back enough that there's been a sitcom about it for a while. But for some reason that didn't bug me. I was just a tiny thing in the 70's, so a story about teens in the 70's is a story about people older than me (yes, it is twisted logic, I am quite proud of it.) And, I know that this really means they ran out of decades although it seems they have some gaps - might I suggest the 20's, the 50s and the 60s. But my life is now historical. What? Just because I remember the Berlin Wall coming down doesn't make me historical. I am young. Stop trying to make me think otherwise.