Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week 5 Picks

Note: Contains reference to a racist sports team name.
Detroit Lions at *Minnesota Vikings - Struggling teams but the Vikings should take this. Yep. 1-0
Tennessee Titans at *Indianapolis Colts - The Colts had some issues last week, but I think they can work on them successfully. Just barely. 2-0
St. Louis Rams at *Green Bay Packers - Both struggling, and when in doubt go with Favre at home. (Usually). But not this week. 2-1
Buffalo Bills at *Chicago Bears - The Bears are the last unbeaten team and I'm sure they want it to stay that way. Oh yeah. 3-1
Cleveland Browns at *Carolina Panthers - The Panthers are on a roll. That's it. 4-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at *New Orleans Saints _ TB is short a QB, so NO will go. Close though. 5-1
*Washington Redskins at NY Giants - It'll be a tough defensive battle but the Redskins should prevail. So sad. 5-2
Miami Dolphins at *New England Patriots - The Pats are doing better than the Dolphins right now. Yep. 6-2
Oakland Raiders at *San Francisco 49ers _ Two struggling teams, advantage home team. And they took advantage. 7-3
NY Jets at *Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jaguars are pretty sad about losing to us last week. They should feel better. Quite a bit better. 8-3
*Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals - The Chiefs crazy offense is in gear. Althought AZ didn't look so bad there. 9-3
Dallas Cowboys at *Philadelphia Eagles - Should be a nasty game with TO back in town. Oh yeah. 10-3
Pittsburgh Steelers at *San Diego Chargers - The Chargers are out for blood after last week. And they found some. 11-3
*Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos - Big defenses, but I always count on the snake being unreliable. Apparently I should stop doing that. 11-4
Updated with scores.