Thursday, October 05, 2006

Season Passes - The Story So Far

In an attempt to talk about something a little lighter, we have television. I invested in a dual channel Tivo over the summer and boy has it been getting a workout. I expect as the varous shows progress things will drop or move but here is the status so far.

Returning Shows with Season Passes:
Veronica Mars: Did you watch it? It was really good.
House: On a baseball hiatus alreadt, but the show is still good.
The Office: My roommate sucked me into this one last season.
How I Met Your Mother: Really enjoying the play with the storylines here.
Gilmore Girls: God they irritated me last season. But it seems to be working (under new management) for right now. But they are on notice.
Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County: I know, I just can't look away.
Project Runway: My kind of reality show.
Battlestar Galactica: I heard great things over and over about this show last year, so I tuned in and was instantly hooked. Restarts soon!
Intervention: Addictive. (Yeah, I know - that was bad.)
Grey's Anatomy: Popcorn.
The Amazing Race: Got sucked into this last season (yeah, I'm late to the party). Really good teams this year.
(I also have some summer shows - Psych, and The 4400 that are on hiatus now).

New Shows:
Six Degrees: Already deleted - too many cliches for me. Not even Campbell Scott was enough to keep me going.
Vanished: Also deleted, they were trying to hard to keep me interested and sacrificed things like plot and good storytelling.
Kidnapped: Enjoying it so far. I'm a fan of Dana Delany, as well as Timothy Hutton and Delroy Lindo.
Friday Night Lights: A football show made me cry. Awesome.
The Nine: I'm intrigued.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I'm a huge Aaron Sorkin fan, and I hope they are still settling a bit. I never really saw the preachy in West Wing - at least not for a while. Or it worked in that setting. It's getting on my nerves here. So, still there, but on notice.
Runaway: Not sure about this. The family dynamicas are interesting but they are being chased by some pretty incompetent folks which reduces the tension. So we shall see.
Heroes: I wasn't sure after the first episode, but after the second I think I'm hooked.
Ugly Betty: It was cute. We shall see how it progresses.
Brothers & Sisters: I'm enjoying it but the pacing is such that I keep spending too much time wondering if there going somewhere predictable with all of this. (Which may say more about me than the show.)
Eureka: Which actually just ended (ssh - I haven't watched it yet) but good show. Similar to Battlestar Galactica in that it's sci-fi but not overly focused on the sci - more on the people.

Shows That Haven't Started Yet:
30 Rock
Knights of Prosperity
The Game
(Okay it has started, bu I haven't watched it yet).
Top Chef: Mixed Feelings about the first season, but in the end I enjoyed it.

Stay Tuned.