Monday, October 30, 2006


I sing constantly. Even when around others - although sometimes I try for some internal singing. My brother threatened me when we went to see "Les Miserable" because he was concerned I would sing along with the actors. (I did not - alhough there was some toe tapping and mild seat dancing). Certain words trigger songs in my brain - I think the word crazy, and sing, "Crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely." There are others.

So - of course I sing in the shower. And as we all know the acoustics in the bathroom are great. Certain experts hhave suggested singing while washing your hands or brushing your teeth to help keep you doing it for the amount of time you are supposed to.

Well, in Australia, they are advising differently. They are suggesting people sing shorter songs in order to complete their shower more efficiently and conserve a bit of water. Here's the thing - maybe my experiences or off - but I have never once stayed in the shower because I wasn't done with the song I was singing. Is this really a big concern? Are people really not willing to cut off the song, or finish it while drying off? It just seems a bit silly to me. And I am against the stifling of singing in a place where it does not bother other people, and let's face it - this is one of a few.