Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Best Laid Plans

New Year's is an arbitrary day. Okay, Tara, you might say. Didn't you used to post random holidays to social media every day? Aren't they all mostly arbitrary?
Yes. Okay fine. 
I've talked before about how the big expectations assigned to one day are just fraught. About how it's in many ways much more exciting to believe that any day could be the start of a new trend. 
But also, yes, we do, societally, like quarters. We've divided the calendar into them, assigned each quarter a name, and then we expect things to shift each time we progress into a new one.
And of course, I am going to do a giant reading analytics post, so obviously I believe in years. 
But I spent New Years sick, and I refuse to accept that as a sign of anything other than human bodies are fragile and we live in a time of climate change and increased germ production. 
I hope your holiday(s) were not spent sick. 
And here's hoping we all get time this year to read, write, craft, and relax.