Monday, December 18, 2023


I did a tea advent calendar this year and I have to say, I have had several mornings where I had to check the date on my phone because the days left in the box didn't seem to match the day I thought it was.
Time is so odd, and talking about time and the passage thereof becomes a weird conversation much like, how was traffic, or this weather huh, that used to seem as a kid like why are adults obsessed with this? And yet, now I am that adult. 
One of the things I really enjoy is the isea that if you follow all the various traditions, the end of the year, comes three to four times. New starts are always there. 
And of course both writing and reading fiction make clear that where and how you start a story is honestly a constant choice. 
But in the northern hemisphere we approach the smallest amount of daylight, it is nice to pause and note the end of that cycle and the transition back in the other direction. 
Whichever side of the world you are on, may you find the light and warmth you need. And also cookies.