Monday, January 22, 2024

2023 Reading Tally

So, a few caveats. I've been doing the reading tally for enough over a decade that I no longer wish to be specific.  But here's a link to last year, and it links to the prior year, and so on. 

Last year I had a really good reading year.  And it turns out, that the slow destruction of Twitter, well, that freed up quite a bit of reading time too.  I also had a period where I was between contracts, and had a lot lot of reading time.  And I had two trips to visit family, and that helped too. 

Read 377.  Yes, I'm sure.  Some were graphic novels that were short, and many were not.  It's also worth noting that I DNF'd 24.  (So they are not included in that number, I just like to track DNF's.) Per Storygraph, about 56% were in the 300-499 page range, the rest were shorter, except for a small percentage that were 500 or more. 

There were 310 different authors read (not including anthologies and shorts). 

The oldest title was from 2006. 158 were from 2023. 

193 were new to me authors. 

Most read author was Holley Trent. 

Highest reading month was June, followed by July. 

37 were audiobooks, which was actually lower than last year, though not by much.  266 were library books, in case you are wondering how my book budget sustains this.   And 54 of them were from Kobo Plus.

I hesitate to predict, but it seems like I might not hit this peak again.  I may watch TV or something this year.  But I am glad reading provided so much fun last year.  And have high, if not quite this high hopes for this year also.