Tuesday, January 16, 2024


I love snow unabashedly, as longtime readers will know. We broke a snow drought this long weekend. I spent so much time staring out the window watching it fall. 
Watching little birds tuck them selves in warm vents. Trying to get a good picture of the tiny flakes falling, before just taking a video. 
Woke up this morning to the message my office was closed. Does this mean I telecommute? Yes. Was I gonna telecommute anyway? Yes. So how is this different? It feels different.
I wrote this 7 Things post about snow closures in 2014 after we broke another snow drought and the only thing that's really changed is closed means telecommute for more of the adults these days: http://www.talkapedia.com/2014/01/7-things-about-frozen-precipitation-in.html