Thursday, July 16, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. I shared this article on Twitter too, but I think Washington Mystics player Elena Dell Donne's issue with the WNBA's medical review board highlights an issue that affects many more people.  For places where they are allowing medical exemptions, there is often an expectation of disclosure.  And with that comes the possibility that someone somewhere will decide your medical issue isn't that bad.  The reality is it's a novel virus.  The novel means new.  Initially we told people with lung issues to be careful.  Then we added heart disease, inflammation, obesity, and blood clots. When you have a disease that affects a smaller portion of the population, it's reasonable to assume we don't yet know how bad it will be for patients with both.  Also, not to be a scaremonger, but people with none of these underlying or pre-existing conditions have died. But in this country we often expect people to detail their pain in public before we are willing to believe it.  And that's something we need to talk about changing.  
2. This story of this Denver school was wonderful.  Some of the students took a trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and on their return asked that the curriculum be changed to better reflect the history they learned there, and advocated to get their teachers sent there as well.  I recognize one story is not a full picture, but this principal sounds wonderful in the way she listened to her students and created an environment where they felt able to ask for big change. 
3. Rebekah Weatherspoon talked about how she found romance novels and then became a writer of romance novels.