Monday, July 27, 2020

RIP Regis Philbin

I've spoken before of how many years I watched Regis Philbin as part of my mornings.  On summer breaks, before I left for work, or in the background as I worked, there was a long period of my life where part of my morning ritual involved Regis.  He was incredibly game, as evidenced by the increasingly elaborate Halloween shows.  He seemed aware of both the level of spectacle asked and willing to let the audience in on the spectacle.  And of course he made what could be really dull bits of business seem interesting.  It was always clearer how much he brought to the moment when someone else stepped in.  But his ability to work with a number of guests and co-hosts also showed an awareness on his part, an ability to meet the level and create the chemistry where possible. The man set records for being on TV for a reason. 
Of course I didn't know him, or his family.  But, as I've said to others, it is an especially odd time to grieve, so I wish his family the best in that process.