Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I was supposed to be in Montana last week.  I've known Becca Syme for a while.  I loved her series in the RWR about unlocking the way that you work best and took both her Write Better Faster and Strengths for Writers Class.  So, when she announced a retreat last year, a retreat to learn and dive deep surrounded by other folks on the same journey, I was in.  I had a few friends I knew were going to be there, and discovered others there.  
Obviously with COVID 19 it went virtual.  There were some bumps, some rearrangements, but overall it was great.  I often suggest to folks who aren't sure if they want to take another personality test to take a look at a few of the Quitcast videos.  I think that they do a great job of using the Clifton strengths to help you figure out how to be your best you, rather than, oh yeah, you'll probably never like spreadsheets.  (For the record, I love spreadsheets.)  
It was four days of intense information and I am still processing it.  In my case, my strengths are super complimentary, which means I don't have one fighting the other.  But of course it means I can easily get carried away on a sea of happiness and learning fun, and leave my original goals behind.