Thursday, June 20, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. Marjorie M. Liu's story about how Keanu Reeves is blasting through some stereotypes was fascinating. (Also, was one of the first things I watched with my Netflix trial "Always Be My Maybe"?  Yes, yes, it was.) Note: the headline contains an ableist word that is not repeated in the text.  
2. I've been catching up on "Grownish" and so got to the episode about sober consent and paused it because yeah, it already seemed problematic.  "Grownish" does some great stuff, and I like it.  But whew, as this article points out, first they used a non-assault as the jumping off point, which come on, US college campuses have plenty of real assaults. "Grownish" and it's predecessor "Blackish" often get to a good place by the end of the episode, but wow, sometimes the haha why be sober parts go on a little too long before you get there. 
3. Parenting advice columns are not a place I frequent, but this one has two incredibly thoughtful answers, one about bedtimes and one about being trying to raise your white kids to treat the brown kid in class thoughtfully.