Monday, June 24, 2019

Revisiting an Old Fave - ER

Hulu has had the complete series of "ER" for a while. I turned it back on and realized a few things. Anytime you revisit the start of a series its a reset. You the viewer now know tons of things about the characters that you didn't at the beginning. But in this case, I suspect the biggest change might be me. See, at the time "ER" started I was closer in age to Dr. Carter, our new med student who actually doesn't even show up until about halfway through the episode. He seemed kind and well willing to learn and so my sympathies went to him. My vague recollection is that I thought of Dr. Benton as arrogant, but eventually revealed to be a marshmallow. In fact Dr. Benton - while yes, not lacking in confidence - is quite reasonable to Carter. When Carter reveals minimal skills, he puts him on some easier stuff and even guides him through the first one. Benton's not super kind when Carter gets a little nauseous, but ultimately let's it go. 
So it was nice to revisit but wow, I was not expecting some life stage evaluation along with it.