Friday, June 28, 2019

One Year Later

It has been one year since the Capital Gazette shooting. Social media creates memories for you which can cheer and of course in some cases cut. Because nothing is different. We haven't made it safer to be a journalist, we haven't made it safer to be a student, a movie goer, or a church goer. I, in fact, spent Thursday at a church event where there was extra security so we could discuss the murder of man over fifty years ago who had participated in a protest in part spurred by a police shooting. The "White Lies" podcast looked at the systems protecting such things and I think therein lies the problem. While the person who shot the woman I worked with is going to trial, the systems in place, the things that have us treating each episode of gun violence as an aberration remain. I have not forgotten Wendi. I have not forgotten the others lost to gun violence. And I will keep working.