Monday, April 15, 2019

WRW Retreat 2019

The WRW Retreat, aka In the Company of Writers, was this past weekend. Alexis Daria gave the Friday Keynote, talking about writing and also working for and with a writing organization, and moving it to serve everyone. And how slowing down, instead of being reactive can help us focus better on the big goals. 
We had two tracks so I missed some great stuff. (Best of problems to have, right?) I did a critique exchange with folks. Alexis Daria talked building a brand. I went to Cheryl Etchison's workshop on connected series. We had an awards luncheon. Cheryl Etchison also talked pacing. I tried to keep time with the agent/editor pitch sessions (people were very chatty). American Author was fun. Alisha Rai talked about how watching her mother face racism as a doctor helped make her more determined to speak up and speak out. We had our first ever costume contest which was super fun. There was dancing. 
And Angelina Lopez talked highs and lows, and how having been a long term member of WRW meant she knew the bumps in the writing career were par for the course, which didn't make it easier but helped her know to keep looking ahead. 
And we ended with the raffle which was fun. Whether calendars or wine, it's always fun to see what ends up beeping the hot item. 
I raced away from the retreat to head to my book club since we had a special guest, Mia Sosa, who I had also seen Thursday at East City Books with Tracey Livesay and Sally Thorne which was also an amazing (and well attended) event. It is a great problem to have when all the cool things stack up.