Tuesday, April 09, 2019

7 Posts: The Mom Resolution

Since it was the final season of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" they had a lot of things to resolve.  One of them was Rebecca's relationship with her mom, a relationship that had often times fed into and exacerbated some of Rebecca's behavior.  The last time Rebecca had seen her mom had ended with Rebecca in the hospital, so, this was a test in many ways of how well Rebecca's therapy and work on herself had been successful.  Mental illness or no, I think we can all sympathize with the idea that this time we are so sure we are grown enough to handle being with our parents, around other adults who still think of us as kids, and who still want to view our lives through a specific marker of success or no. 
So Rebecca has a job she loves, but doesn't sound cool, she's unmarried, she's childless, and yet, for most people having a job and friends and being able to pay rent would be plenty.  But of course, Rebecca's mom is getting an award but it's about who will give it to her, and she has made a huge promise she kind of hasn't been able to live up to and had been hoping that will just come true.  Fortunately for all of them, Valencia is now on the East Coast and makes it happen for them.  So in the end Rebecca's mom gets the night of pretending she had always dreamed of, and Rebecca gets to see her mom happy and sometimes that's the best you can get from family.