Thursday, April 04, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. This Ijeoma Oluo piece about how hard it is to center those most harmed by white supremacy in discussions of white supremacy is an important point about why some of our forward progress seems to stall. 
2. Fenty pulled a highlighter with an insensitive name.  I mention this because yes, it made it through layers at the company to get announced as an upcoming product - but the company responded switfly, listening to the criticism, apologizing for their error, and getting all their promo updated to not include it, which is the kind of immediate response I find admirable.  (Warning, at some point that link started autoplaying an ad.) 
3. And booksellers are going to have an Annual Romance Bookstore Day!  I confess, it has been a journey.  In the DC area, Borders was the first actual bookstore I could regularly and reliably buy romance.  Then Barnes and Noble.  And now Borders is gone, Barnes and Noble has just a few locations, the romance in Target is dwindling, but we have six romance friendly independent bookstores.  None of them have huge selections, but the romance audience is a tough target because they tend to read at a higher rate which changes how you buy for them.  But I am excited for this current evolution.