Tuesday, April 16, 2019

7 Posts: The Sex Ed Chat

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" from "The Sexy Getting Ready Song" to "Sex With a Stranger" has always been sex positive and sex informative at the same time.  (See, it is possible!)  So, I particularly enjoyed the balance, or "Cats" episode.  To distract herself from what would later be referred to as the love quadrangle of Josh, Greg, and Nathaniel, Rebecca decided to up her exercise and get back on the dating apps.  Valencia warns her about cheap leggings, but Rebecca continues on, only to end up with a yeast infection.  She reschedules her date, but then attempts to overtreat it, and ends up with bacterial vaginosis. 
In an odd parallel Greg and Nathaniel meet at the gym and become buddies, putting white Josh in the uncomfortable position of knowing a thing that would affect their bonding, but not wanting to have his day job infected (pun intended) with Rebecca stuff.  
So Rebecca tries to not tell her date why they can't meet, and white Josh tries to not see what's happening with Greg and Nathaniel, and in the end neither of these strategies work.  Rebecca ends up confessing the infection to Jason, who turns out to be the kid of a gynecologist who would have preferred honesty anyway.  Greg and Nathaniel both decide to declare themselves to Rebecca, and meeting outside her apartment realize they have her in common.  They also run into mostly naked Josh who has also decided to declare himself and the noise outside means Jason discovers the love quadrangle and opts out.  
The show has done a lot of great things to normalize some really common and hopefully uncommon things.  (I wouldn't wish a love quadrangle or a Trent on an enemy.)  But the idea that hiding the truth instead of owning it, while not uncommon in TV shows as a message, is applied here to things like yeast infections in a really lovely way.