Thursday, January 24, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1.  This study into how court reporters and others perform in transcribing and understanding African American English dialect is fascinating, both as to what it means for those who may have been misunderstood, but also the challenges.  African American English, unsurprisingly has some distinct regional variations.  The folks are planning to look at other dialects too. 
2. Speaking of misunderstanding words, Kahlua is suggesting a coffee called Kaholo (which is Hawaiian for swift) would be confusing to the market.  I get why but really do think nothing can have the same first three letters and an L is not the way we want to be out there.  I realize they don't care that Hawaiian was assigned a limited number of letters by the missionaries that transliterated it, but come on. 
3. Kendra James talked about her reflections of being a high school student at a private school and how we should make things more uncomfortable for the racist remarks made in and out of class.