Thursday, January 31, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. I read a piece a ways back that talked about how our instinct to look for what victims did wrong is preservational, we want to believe they did something that we would never do and therefore the thing that happened to them could never happen to us.  So I appreciated this piece on why people blaming Terry Crews for being assaulted are wrong  (Particularly since one of those folks has talked about regrets about how they handled someone close to them revealing their own assault, and yet, here they are, showing they still have much to learn.)  
2. This post from a librarian who was the target of a tirade at ALAMW is important because I think it speaks to the rest of the issue.  I have to believe that most of the people who witnessed it thought it was wrong, but we need to get better at figuring out how to intervene.  And how to address things afterwords so that when bad things happen, people can be assured that those things are the exception. 
3. Seeing this story about a woman who picked up a lost looking dog while running a marathon, led me to this story about a dog who joined a nearby half-marathon when his owner let him out for a bio break.  And came in seventhish?